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Tuition is designed to meet everyone's needs on general topics and/or on individual makes of machine.

Beginner's Course

Understanding the knitting machine and basic techniques.

Beginner's Lesson 1

Basic Techniques – Maintenance – Tension

Beginner's Lesson 2

Neck bands – Basic Finishing – Yarns

Beginner's Lesson 3

Pockets – Buttonholes – Cables - Trimmings

Beginner's Lesson 4

Partial Knitting – Pattern effects – Skirts – Socks

Beginner's Subjects for Tuition

Sideways, panelled, pleated & ribbed skirts are many ways to knit skirts and all have variations with Fairisle, tuck, slip stitch and weaving added to make interesting effects.

Patterning by Hand Selection
This subject can be very interesting and rewarding, most people think if you have an automatic patterning device such as the punchcard or electronics that hand selection is unnecessary, this of course is quite untrue. The way to work out an automatic pattern is often done by hand selection and many other textures can be developed this way. 

Collars, Cuffs, Neckbands & Welts
The way a garment is finished can make all the difference to it. Learn the classic & the fashion designs to make a simple garment into a stunning one. 

Maintenance & Understanding your Machine
Learn how your machine works and looking after it is an essential part of knitting, it takes out the headaches that are caused by not knowing.

Ring Brenda to Book 01293 851339

Each lesson is 2 hours long

Beginner's / Advance / Ribbing Course - £125 for 4 lessons

Combination Course - £165 for 6 Lessons
oose any 2 lessons from each course to give you wider knowledge.

These courses can be taken at any speed you wish,
All courses to be completed within 3 months of the start


Beginner's Course

Understanding the knitting machine and basic techniques.

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Advanced Course

Understanding the Automatic Patterning and Accessories.

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Ribbing Course

Learn the powerful combination of machine and ribber.

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Combination Course

Choose 6 courses reflecting your area of interest.

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