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Tuition is designed to meet everyone's needs on general topics and/or on individual makes of machine.

Knitting Courses Available

Email to Book -

Each lesson is 2 hours long
Assorted Course. You choose which 4 lessons from each course to give you a basic knowledge over all for your needs
Cost £125 per course
Combination Course
Cost £165 for 6 Lessons
These courses can be tak
en at any speed you wish,
(All courses to be completed within 3 Months of the start)

Individual lessons are available at all times at your convenience on all makes & models of machines.
Single & Double Bed also various attachme
nts. Cost:- £25-00 per hour at "Bunglebee".


A selection of new and secondhand basic pattern and technique Books are available for you to browse through, also many back numbers of magazines.

Beginner's Course

Understanding the knitting machine and basic techniques.

Advanced Course

Understanding the Automatic Patterning and Accessories.

Ribbing Course

Learn the powerful combination of machine and ribber.

Combination Course

Choose 6 courses reflecting your area of interest.

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